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(a) The Executive Committee shall have full responsibility for the direction and control of the work of the Party and for the formulation of current policy, in accordance with the decisions of National Congress. It shall guide and direct the work of all Party organisations, assist the work of Party members elected to Parliament, direct and control the Party press, publications and other Party enterprises, and manage the central funds of the Party.
(b) The Executive Committee shall also have power to decide on new policy, where events make this necessary.
(c) Whenever possible, the Executive Committee shall when taking decisions on new policy between Congresses consult Party organisations and initiate discussion throughout the Party.
(d) At its first meeting after its election the Executive Committee shall decide upon its regular meeting date - the minutes of such meetings shall be made available to Districts and Branches on request, and shall show the votes recorded - ie, for and against when a vote is taken, on any issue before the Executive Committee - and shall elect the General Secretary, Chairperson, Treasurer and relevant officers of the Party and a Political Committee.
(e) The Political Committee shall have the responsibility for giving prompt and effective leadership in between meetings of the Executive Committee. The work of the Political Committee shall be subject to control by the Executive Committee.
(f) In the course of carrying out their Executive Committee responsibilities, Executive Committee members may issue membership cards but must report this as soon as practicable.