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(a)    The National Congress shall be the supreme authority of the Party and shall be responsible for the adoption of the policy of the Party.
(b)    The National Congress shall be convened by the Executive Committee every two years, and shall be composed of:
Delegates from Party Branches, elected in accordance with their numerical strength (defined as the number of dues-paying members reported no more than four months before Congress), on a basis to be determined by the EC.
Delegates from District Committees.
Members of the retiring Executive Committee and Appeals Committee, who shall have full right to participate in the work of the Congress, including the right to participate in the work of Congress Committees when elected by Congress as Executive Committee representatives to such Committees, but shall not have the right to vote in full Congress unless elected as full delegates from a Branch or a District Committee.
(c)    The Executive Committee will seek the views of districts and branches by issuing to the Party 8 months before Congress a short statement setting out its first views on the main questions which should be the centre of debate at Congress. The agenda, draft resolutions and preliminary materials for the Congress shall be issued to Party organisations 3 months before the date fixed for the Congress. Resolutions for the Congress agenda and amendments to draft resolutions issued by the Executive Committee may be sent in by Party Branches and District Committees up to 6 weeks before the date of Congress.
(d)    Procedure for the conduct of pre-Congress discussion shall be according to the provisions of Rule 17(a) and 17(d).
(e)    The National Congress shall elect, from nominations made by Branches and District Committees, an Executive Committee, an Appeals Committee, and two Auditors. Members of the Appeals Committee and the Auditors shall not be members of the Executive Committee.
(f) The Executive Committee shall have the power to convene a special National Congress, composed in the same way and with the same powers, as the National Congress. The Executive Committee must convene such a special National Congress on the request of not less than one-fifth of the Branches or one-third of the District Committees.