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(a) The supreme authority of the Party shall be the National Congress.
(b) The Executive Committee shall in England constitute Districts of the Party and shall ensure that in each District a District Congress is convened every two years. This District Congress shall elect a District Committee.
(c) The District Committee shall constitute Party Branches based on a place of work or a locality or an industry or a party collective, and shall ensure that each Party Branch shall hold an Annual General Meeting which shall elect a Branch Committee.
(d) District Committees may, with the agreement of the Executive Committee, constitute Area Committees, and shall define their functions and powers in accordance with the Rules of the Party.
(e) In Scotland and Wales the Executive Committee shall ensure that in each country a Congress is convened every two years. These Congresses shall elect a Scottish and Welsh Committee respectively.
(f) The powers and responsibilities of the above Congresses and of the Scottish and Welsh Committees shall be as defined in Rule 12.