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(a)    Membership dues shall be payable on the basis of self-assessed pre-tax personal income in accordance with scales and rates set by the Executive Committee.
(b)    The Executive Committee shall seek to match the level of income generated by membership dues to basic Party operating expenditure, including Party Centre and executive functions. It shall also maintain a separate Election Fund, allocating an appropriate portion of dues income towards this, to which additional individual contributions may be made.
(c)    Additional planned voluntary contributions, along with monies raised during special appeals that may be decided upon by the EC from time to time, shall be combined and held in a National Organising Fund (the 'Fund'), which shall be utilised for Party and YCL development activity.
i.    All Party members are urged to make planned voluntary contributions where possible, preferably by direct debit.
ii.    Party organisations will make planned approaches to members and supporters to make regular or one-off voluntary contributions to the Fund.
iii.    It is the responsibility of all Party organisations to encourage additional planned voluntary contributions to the Fund and the Executive Committee and its appropriate sub-committees will make a high priority of attending to this task.
iv.    The Fund account shall be separate from the general account and managed by the Executive Committee and its designated officers.
v.    Every functioning Party branch will be guaranteed a grant from the Fund, made annually from the beginning of the first full year of its operation. The total of Branch Organising Fund Grants dispersed shall not normally exceed between 30 and 40 per cent of the Fund's income during the preceding year. 
vi.    Party organisations may also make costed bids to the Executive Committee for development projects in their area of responsibility to be assisted by the Fund