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Action against any member guilty of breaches of Party Rules or any other conduct detrimental to the Party shall be carried out according to the following procedure:
(a) The Party Branch shall have the power to remove from office, to suspend from membership for a period not exceeding 3 months, or to recommend to the District Committee expulsion, on the decision of a majority of the members attending a Branch meeting, of which all members have had written notice at least 7 days in advance of the issue to be discussed, and where the member concerned has been given the opportunity of attending and stating his/her case.
(b) The Executive Committee or District Committee shall have the power to remove or suspend from office, suspend from membership for an initial period not exceeding 3 months, or expel, and shall explain the reason for this action at a meeting of the Party organisation concerned.
(c) In the case of suspension from membership the member’s card shall immediately be handed to the suspending organisation, and it shall be the responsibility of the Party organisation to have discussions with the comrade concerned before the period of suspension is at an end.
(d) All disciplinary actions shall be notified in writing through the District Committee to the Executive Committee.