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Exercise of the right and duty to take part in the discussion and formation of Party policy shall be in accordance with the following procedure:
(a) During the period of pre-Congress discussion members shall have the right to express their views on any aspect of Party policy in their Branch meeting, or at any other meeting convened for that purpose on the authority of the District and Executive Committees; and the Executive Committee shall ensure the maximum possible discussion and provide the maximum possible space in the Party press for the printing of contributions from Party organisations and members.
(b) In between Congresses, decisions of the last National Congress and the Executive Committee are binding on all members and Party organisations. Members who consider that new circumstances have developed which make it necessary to change such decisions or to take new ones may raise the matter in their Branch unless they are members of higher committees. If the Executive Committee considers that it is necessary to hold an inner Party discussion on some aspect before the next period of pre-Congress discussion is due it shall give guidance on procedure for such discussion to all Party organisations.
(c) If the member obtains the support of the Branch then the latter may submit a resolution for the attention of the District Committee or the Executive Committee. Whatever the decision of the Branch, the member may still exercise the right under Rule 16(c) to communicate with the District Committee on the matter. During the time the matter is under discussion it is the duty of all members of the Branch to carry out to the full the policy of the Party until the final decision is taken.
(d) Members of elected leading committees who are in disagreement with any decision taken by the committee in question or with any other aspect of Party policy shall have the right to express such disagreement first in that committee and then to a higher committee. During the period of pre-Congress discussion such disagreements may be expressed first in the committee in question and then in the appropriate Party branch or in communications to pre-Congress discussion in the Party press.