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(a) The basic unit of the Party is the Branch. Such basic units shall be organised, on the authority of the District Committee, based upon a place of work or study, that is a workplace Branch; upon a given industry within the District, that is an industrial Branch; upon a locality, that is a local Branch; or upon a Party collective which may be either in a workplace, industry or locality.
(b) A workplace Branch shall comprise all Party members employed in a particular factory, pit or other place of work.
(c)    An industrial Branch shall comprise Party members employed in a particular industry within the District.
(d)    A local Branch shall comprise members living, or in some cases employed, in a defined area, with the exception of those members organised in a workplace or industrial Branch.
(e)    A local Branch may authorise members within a locality or workplace to function as a Party collective, meeting formally or informally, to plan and conduct their activities. A collective shall report back to the branch.
(f)    Every Branch shall hold an Annual General Meeting which shall discuss a report of branch work in the previous year, receive a financial statement, discuss the lines of branch activity for the coming year and elect a Branch Committee.
A Branch shall have no less than three members.