Party Development Fund

The Party Development Fund is a permanent resource that's used by the Party to expand our work and build the CP nationally, regionally and locally. It's financed by individual members making regular Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs) alongside their monthly dues payments and by supporters who want to ensure the CP grows and thrives. 

Local Party organisations can submit bids for the funding of developmental work in their area. If you haven't already applied this year, make sure your branch and district/nation committee discusses it's application. If you're responsible for managing a bid application you can download the application form here. Make sure you read the relevant information below before submitting your form.

The Party centrally fully assess the merits of each bid individually, however the final decision on whether or not a bid is approved will be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Costed bids. All bids submitted must be fully itemised with a breakdown of estimated costs.
  2. Developmental initiatives. Party organisations should seek to demonstrate - when drawing up their bids - that the funding will be used to finance activities and work that would not otherwise take place. This should be mainly aimed at addressing existing local weaknesses and/or breaking 'new ground' e.g. production of a local recruitment leaflet and social evening aimed at women or developing a local web presence.
  3. Practicality of initiative. To help the OC assess how realistic the proposal is, all bids should include as an attachment a short description of how you will ensure the activity(s) are organised successfully, including i) a timeline outlining associated organisational tasks and ii) identification of the top three risks, together with appropriate mitigation actions.
  4. Clear outcomes and measurable benefits. The applying Party organisation should demonstrate that there are clear targets and goals that can be collectively assessed and reported back to the Party centrally.
  5. Proportionality. The amount of money available in the Party Development Fund is finite. Whilst strict proportionality in respect of, say, number of members or dues income, will not be enforced, the bid is most likely to be accepted if it is not wildly out of proportion with to such measures.
  6. Party priorities and policies. Planned activities should be consistent with the current political and organisational priorities identified by Party Congress and the Executive Committee.
  7. Past performance. The effectiveness of the bidding local Party organisation in implementing Party policy and responding to central requests will be taken into account alongside the general financial performance and outcome of previous Party Development Fund bids where appropriate.